The packaging is not only responsible for preserving cashew nuts, but its beauty and perfect design also contribute to high sales and brand promotion efficiency. So let’s learn about the benefits of flexible packaging and the popular design patterns today.

How is flexible packaging affecting the food industry?

As flexible packaging gains popularity in the food industry, it is widely viewed by national brand owners and private labels as the packaging of choice for many types of foods on both a domestic and global level.

From soups to cocktails, the industry is experiencing a major shift to flexible pouches for foods and beverages that contain high liquid contents. This option is both lightweight and convenient, and it enables innovative structures and graphic treatments.

Flexible packaging has many benefits when packaging cashews

In each aspect of the food packaging process, there is a selection of options in flexible packaging protection. Various materials and applications of flexible packaging offer undeniable advantages to food and beverage brands across the market, with competitive benefits like:

Exceptional flexibility in packaging is critical for players in the food industry as they aim to protect, market, and distribute different types of products without damage. Given its value to both brands and consumers, there’s not much reason for food companies to ignore flexible packaging any longer.

From food safety and shelf life to product protection, ease of use, print-ability, and sustainability, there’s no shortage of causes for the unprecedented advancement of flexible packaging offerings in the food and beverage industry. The array of materials and customizable elements is an advantage for companies manufacturing all types of foods.

Whether your goal is to increase your product’s shelf life, minimize loss during transit, ensure proper humidity levels and temperatures, develop more creative package branding, adopt environmentally conscious packaging efforts or minimize production and costs, flexible packaging is a top solution for your food and beverage products.

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Beautiful flexible packaging designs for cashews

Why is Amiba company always the first choice?

  • More than 30 years of experience in the plastic and complex film packaging industry
  • Provide products with high quality
  • Large production capacity
  • Cost savings
  • Large warehouse system, fast delivery
  • Diverse payment policy
  • Being a close partner of many large companies and large enterprises
  • Staff dedicated to the job
  • The production environment is safe for humans and the environment

Amiba company’s products are widely used by ensuring quality management, environmental protection, and integrated ISO standards:

– It has been assessed and certified to meet the requirements of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) Codex Alimentarius

– It has been assessed and certified to meet the requirements of  Food Safety System Certification (FSSC) 22000

– It has been assessed and certified to meet the requirements of ISO 22000: 2018

– It has been assessed and certified to meet the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015

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