Amiba Company Ltd has its history dated back in 1987 when it was first founded as Vinh Dat Privately-owned Packaging Company. Located in Binh Duong Province, Viet Nam-Singapore II-A Industrial Zone, the production base covers an area of more than 20,000 metres square with two modern imported flexible packaging production lines. Moreover, the company is ISO9001-2015, ISO22000 certificated , all of material and finised product conform to the FDA and EU standards to meet high hygiene standard of diary, juice , perosnal care and chemical product.

  • Use solar lighting around the factory
  • Implement one-way traffic method for goods and factory employees
  • Reuse heat energy from the printer’s drying system. Not only saves electricity, but also limits heat waste.
  • Clean Room – The junction between the floor and the wall is curved, including windows. To limit the stagnation of dirt.
  • Treating the exhaust gas with a carbon filter
  • Solids management – We have a management system in place to ensure the strictest security of product information at best until product completion.
  • The landfill is also cleaned, completely tidy and kept clean.

Modern Machinery And Equipment

Amiba Company Ltd places key concerns on technology and innovation in order to provide high-end and comprehensive packaging solutions for our customers. We take a lead in variety of innovative packaing including retort pouch, modified atmosphere packaging, stand-up pouch with ziplock, and other common PP, PE, HDPE bottom sealed heavy duty bag, shopping bag, shrink film, agricultural film.

Máy in / 印刷机 / Gravure Printing

Máy ghép / 复合机 / Dry Laminating

Máy túi /制袋机 / Pouch making

1. Design


2. Blown Film

Multi-layer blown film LLDPE, HDPE, and water-quenched PP blown film with width range from 20 cm to 2.8 metres. Machinery is equipped with automatic gauge air-ring control to increase productivity 40% and enusre bubble stability. 

3. Printing

Amiba uses one 9-colors (with matte ink)  and one 10-colors gravure printing machines with speed 300m/min. The maxium width of webroll is 1300mm. 

4. inspection

Visual Inspection system effectively reduces the rejection rate of printed products, improve product quality, prevent non-comformed products from flowing into end users

5. Dry lamination and Solventless Lamination

Various materials are laminated together to meet the packaging requirement of customers. We adopt solvent dry lamination and solventless lamination technique. Laminated rolls are cured for a period of time before going to the next production step. 

6. Sliting

Laminated film is slitted into small roll according to customers’ request. Amiba is equipped with machinery speed 500metres/min to ensure the stability of automatic packaging line 

7. Bag making

We make high-quality pouches in various shape which can be applied in various fields. We produce from simple bottom-sealed, side-sealed to stand-up pouch with zip.

Quality Control

To accomplish our promises of quality assurance to our customers, AMIBA  has not only adopted many kinds of advanced quality monitoring equipments but also employs effective standard operating procedures in the production process like ISO9001-2018 and ISO22000.

Both Incoming raw materials and finished goods are subjected to strict test in our laboratory. AMIBA laboratory is equipped with a state-of-the art Gas Chromatograph which can precisely determine the amount of solvent left on the film. We also utilise SHIMADZU tensile testing machine to test film’s sealing strength, lamination bond strength, tensile strength. LAB-THINK water vapor and oxygen permeability testing devices to  following ASTM F1249, ASTM D3985.   

Moreover, our lab could do Coefficient of friction, Static level, Aluminium shinny level testing as well.