What is FSSC 22000 certification?

The FSSC 22000 is the Food Safety Certification Association’s certification scheme for food producers and processors throughout the food supply chain. The FSSC 22000 certificate is considered an equivalent recognized standard and can replace the standards previously recognized by the GFSI (The Global Food Safety Initiative) such as BRC, IFS, SQF, GLOBAL G.A.P, BAP… The Food Safety Certification Association combined ISO 22000 and PAS 220 + additional requirements into the FSSC 22000 (Food Safety System Certification) standard and fully accredited by the GFSI organization.

FSSC 22000 provides a framework for the effective management of your food safety & quality responsibility. It represents a company that has a robust and effective food safety management system (FSMS) sufficient to meet the requirements of regulators, food business customers, and consumers.

Which businesses should apply the FSSC 22000?

You understand what FSSC 22000 is & FSSC 22000 is applied to the entire food supply chain including food, packaging, packaging materials, storage, and distribution to major manufacturers, and distributors.

The FSSC 22000 range is to define the requirements necessary to ensure a management system is in place to meet the needs of managers, food business customers, and consumers. Organizations throughout the food supply chain can benefit from FSSC 22000 certification, regardless of their size or complexity. These include:

  • Perishable animal products (eg meat, poultry, eggs, milk, and fish products).
  • Perishable plant products (eg packaged fresh fruit and fresh juices, preserved fruit, packaged fresh vegetables, preserved vegetables).
  • Products that remain on shelves at ambient temperature (eg canned products, biscuits, snacks, oils, drinking water, soft drinks, pasta, flour, sugar, salt).
  • Food ingredients (eg vitamins, minerals, bio-cultures, flavors, enzymes, and processing aids).
  • Food packaging materials (direct, indirect contact with food).
  • Food and fodder for animals (eg animal feed, aqua feed).
  • Main animal products (eg milk, fish, eggs, honey).

Amiba factory meets the FSSC 22000 certificate

The FSSC 22000 standard has an important meaning to every packaging company. Meeting FSSC 22000 means that the business ensures products of high quality and is safe for partners, customers, and end-users. The FSSC 22000 certificate also demonstrates the responsibility of the business to customers and to its own products.

With the strict regulations for an enterprise wishing to register FSSC 22000, you can be completely assured of the quality of Amiba’s products and reputation when working with us.

Amiba company’s products are widely used by ensuring quality management, environmental protection, and integrated ISO standards:

– It has been assessed and certified to meet the requirements of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) Codex Alimentarius

– It has been assessed and certified to meet the requirements of ISO 22000: 2018

– It has been assessed and certified to meet the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015

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