Confectionery & Dry Foods

Confectionery & Dry Foods

The plastic packaging for the confectionery and dry food industries is printed with high-quality materials using modern production technology.

  • Structure



  • Properties: Aluminium AL is the best barrier and heat resistance film, helps to protect the product from bumps, and makes it easy to print. PA, PET are materials that have high barriers. Extr-PE to protect the sharpness of color for a long period of time and at a lower cost. Using PE Sealing layer with low sealing temperature and antistatic.

Amiba’s plastic packaging for confectionery and dry food industries prevents oxygen, water, UV light, and preserves the good taste. The colors are eye-catching, the price is affordable, and are suitable for high-speed packaging machines.

  • Estimated delivery time: 5-7 days
  • Print technology: gravure printing technology
  • Number of colors: 1- 10 colors, depending on customers’ designs and requirements
  • Categories: rolls and bags
  • Product lines: labels for cup caps, noodle packaging, porridge packaging, snack packaging, sugar packaging, salt packaging, seasoning packaging, confectionery packaging, …

If you’re worried about your packaging producer, let Amiba help you out. With a large factory scale, modern technology, strict and safe management process, Amiba’s confectionery and dry food packages always meet orders on time and in the right quantity.

To learn more about confectionery and dry food packages or need advice on ordering and pricing, Please call now +84 796 290 555 for the best support.

Especially, Amiba has a super attractive discount policy for large quantity orders.

Amiba always brings the best products and services to customers.